We have created a unique tournament while also incorporating successful features from some of the worlds most popular professional sporting tournaments.

The AMPL is essentially a team event. Players will face off head to head in a match play format, similar to the well respected Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup.

Each of the 8 teams will be brought and owned by corporates or individuals. Focus will be on large crowd engagement, team supporters and entertainment - paralleled to The Indian Premier League (IPL).

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the IPL inspired the process of draft picks and auctions for the teams and players.

Tournament Format

The event will comprise of 5 action packed days of tournament golf.

The structure will be as follows:


Tuesday day before

This will be a Charity day involving local communities
(details TBC)

Teams will play 18 holes of individual match play each day. 1 point for a win and 0.5 for a half. The points will be totaled at the end of Saturday's round, ranking teams from 1st position to 8th position.

Wednesday to Saturday

Tuesday day before

This will be a Charity day involving local communities
(details TBC)


All 8 teams will play singles for the opportunity to gain additional points for their teams. Players in the team ranked 1st from the previous 4 days of golf will play against the players in the team ranked 8th and so on.


The format of the AMPL tournament is individual Match Play. In this format, the round is played with the goal of winning more holes than your opponent. Match Play scoring is seen in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, as opposed to the more common scoring format of stroke play golf, where the goal is to end the tournament with the fewest cumulative strokes vs. the field which we see for example in the SA Open.

Key points of Individual Match Play scoring:

  • A player wins a hole in the round by completing the hole in fewer strokes (including strokes made and penalty strokes.) For example, on the first hole in a match play format, Golfer A scores 4 and his/her opponent scores 5, then Golfer A wins the hole and goes ‘’1-up’’ in the round.
  • The match is won when a player leads the opponent by more holes than remain to be played. For example, Golfer A is ‘’3-up’’, with only 2 holes left to play, Golfer A wins the match ‘’3-and-2’’.
  • The AMPL Match play is played as a singles match (where one player plays directly against one opponent) representing their teams.

Draft Picks

There are a total of 64 players that will tee off per day, consisting of 8 players representing 8 teams with the 9th player in each team as the reserve. The teams are made up of the available Sunshine Tour players as per their rankings on the order of merit list. This list will be finalized at a certain date before the tournament so players are incentivized to perform well in the preceding tournaments in order to participate in the APML.

From these rankings the players will be contracted accordingly and the teams will be filled based on these standings. The teams have a standardized make up for the first year to ensure teams are evenly matched. For example, each team will have 2 players from the top ranked 1-16 bracket, 4 players from the rankings 17-48 and so on.

The initial team selection will be an auction for the first choice of their players in each ranking category. The 8 team owners will have a minimum spend for the auction. They will bid according to which draft pick number they desire in each of the ranking categories.

At the end of the allotted time frame for the auction, the team owners who have bid the highest amount in each category will get first draft pick for those categories. This will be held at a formal function setting, with live updating of the bidding for the draft pick spots. This will be followed by the selection of the players.


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