The African Match Play League (AMPL) is an organization that strives to support professional golfers within our country and grow South African golf as a whole.

Our Mission

South African golf is well positioned to introduce a fresh and exciting tournament that will in time have worldwide appeal and be an enormous asset to the country. We are blessed with world class facilities and strong golfing support structures (including the well-recognized Sunshine Tour) to provide the backdrop to this new event.


The main focus of the AMPL is to give more financial opportunities to professional golfers in South Africa, and to provide a spectator event that our golf loving communities are more than ready for.


The event will take place annually to start and be in the form of a match-play team event with 8 teams of 9 players (including 1 reserve) to be played over 5 days.


The AMPL has a main sponsor supplying the purse for the winnings and whose brand will be fully associated with the overall activities of the AMPL. The league teams (franchises) will be bought by corporates or individuals, giving them an opportunity for exposure and potential for growth further afield.


The AMPL is committed to the support and upliftment of South African communities by creating a charity platform to which the AMPL and its stakeholders will contribute.

Tournament Details

Our Vision

The AMPL has endless potential for growth and as the tournament progresses all parties involved will be able to benefit exponentially.


As the tournament evolves, the event will attract professional golfers and supporter viewership worldwide.


The team franchises, as well as the event main sponsor will gain wealth and exposure as the event builds popularity.


The structure of the event will be flexible from year to year, keeping it fresh and evolving it into the ideal golf tournament for players, stakeholders and the fans.